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 This is a new beginning and direction for the Italian Canadian beauty, Nadia Dolce, taking on the pop/dance and electronica music scene. Born and raised in Montreal Québec, Nadia is fluent in French, Italian, English and some Spanish.  

Being the only musician in her family Nadia was inspired by her lyricist mother to pursue her aspirations of becoming the talented singer songwriter, performer and actress she is today. After finding several of her mother's poems around the house, Nadia's mother told her “it was the best way to express my feelings for all the things I couldn't say". Following her mothers advice, Nadia spent her teenage years writing mostly about being in love, boys who didn't care, and breakups in her relentless pursuit of making her youthful dreams the reality they are today.

Spiritual and full of faith, Nadia believes that with God by her side, nothing is impossible. “I’m blessed to be surrounded with amazing family and friends. They support me in every way and encourage me to keep dreaming" she says with her soft voice. Nadia constantly strives to reach all of her goals to inspire and give back to the community.

Voicing a louder message, Nadia wrote a column for a local paper, The Herald, about the struggles of finding success in the music industry. After the article was published, Nadia received a phone call from a teacher asking her to visit her class of troubled teens and speak about her story and how it is so important to never give up. Nadia always has her heart in the right place and through her acts of compassion and kindness proves her belief “That everyone is capable of change, as long as they have faith and believe".

It wasn’t until she watched her favourite movie, The Bodyguard starring Whitney Houston, that Nadia decided she wanted to become a singer. Nadia began her journey when she began to study classical vocal training and music theory at the McGill Conservatory of Music; Montreal,Qc. Influenced by her musical idols such as Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Leona Lewis, Nadia continued to follow her dreams and joined her former girl group "Dolceamare". While a member of "Dolceamare" Nadia inherited her nickname 'Dolce' as a result of her sweet and kindhearted nature and matching personality.  After two years performing with the group, Nadia developed her charismatic and commanding stage presence we see today. Nadia later went on to win the 16th edition of CFMB's Superfantastico (Italian version of American Idol) giving her the opportunity to visit Italy and sing her very own composition "Believe" at the Reggio Pop Festival in Reggio Calabria held in August 2011.

That same year, she was introduced to award winning producer Pascal Mailloux(Marjo, Marie-Chantale Toupin, Nanette Workman).  The two clicked immediately and where able to quickly write several songs showcasing her vocal range and versatility with various genres of music. Nadia describes her music as "fun and youthful" but through, songs like "Poiche", a song she had wrote in the style of her Italian Idol Laura Pausini we see the maturity and deep emotion that she is also capable of expressing.  Although many of her songs are styled in the genre of American Pop, Nadia refuses to deny her heritage and incorporates content from her multiculturalism which includes French, Italian, and Spanish.

At the beginning of 2012, Nadia caught the attention of the reputable DJ MC Mario with her song "El Gitano" that she had composed while collaborating with Pascal Mailloux. This is when MC Mario decided to remix the song with the participation of 8Barz. In early spring, "El Gitano" was released under the Tycoon records label and distributed by Universal Music Canada receiving airtime on Montreal’s own Virgin Radio 96 as well as 50 other stations throughout Canada, the United States, Antigua, Australia, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Brazil. One of Nadia's notable performances promoting her summer hit single was at the CKOI Beach Party in front of a crowd of 10, 000 people. "El Gitano" is a mix of elecro/pop sounds with Spanish guitar giving the song a Latin and sensual feel forcing its listeners to give in to the sound and dance the night away. Offered in English and French with a touch of Spanish, "El Gitano" is currently available for download on iTunes and is a must have for every music collection.

Nadia's latest musical ventures include reuniting with the girls from "Dolceamare" and preparing for their comeback tour in mid march. In addition to Grand Prix Weekend, the girls have an upcoming charity event supporting Anti-bullying and will be donating the proceeds to Project Love.

Look for her solo works as she has joined forces with the expanding Montréal based label Mich2050 who will soon be releasing an EP of their latest collaborations on ITunes.Nadia is also proud to be working alongside DJ Ken Tracy, founder of Sharpshere Records and will be singing their single "Far Away" in July at one of Montréal's biggest EDM event's this year.

In addition to working on her solo album , Nadia is hard at work preparing for her "911" Canadian summer tour and will be a promising act to follow in 2013 and the years to come.

 -"You see? Nothing is impossible!"-

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