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Who is JUNO?

Young Canadian of Haitian descendant, he grew up in Montreal. He comes from a family of nine children.  

Graduating  with two bachelor degrees in human sciences,  he deeply believes in helping others.

As an artist, Juno loves to write poems, to dance, sing and compose (write) his own songs.

In the past, he was part of a break-dancing crew  by the name of “GALAXIAN ALIANS” and felt very fortunate to have performed in front of an audience of 44 000 spectators during a single show.  At that period of time, Juno and his crew managed to performed in many shows around Montreal and toured in several regions of Quebec such as La Tuque, Tracy, Drummondville, Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, Longueuil, Laval and Granby. Their shows had taken place in different locations such as clubs, discos, bars, shopping centers and schools. After a while, Juno seized the opportunity offered to him by the “Centre Multi-ethnic of Montreal” to become a break-dance teacher. This opportunity has allowed him to raise awareness and encourage youngsters to dance in order to avoid them off the streets.

Later on, Juno took part in a church and got involve in the choir.  That allowed him to take part in a “Quartet” as a tenor during a couple of years. He then took part in a “Quintet” singing a cappella in a group named "The Messengers". The members of this a cappella group were mostly multi instrumentalist musicians and, yet, they trusted Juno to compose many of their songs which they performed, with Juno, on TV and on stage at different locations. Indeed, Juno’s skills, in writing poems, has helped him a lot to write his song’s  lyrics.

 Juno has always been very spiritual. The fact that MICH-2050’s music production’s company offers to produce his album makes him feel very blessed. Over the years, he has listened to all kinds of music, but he is most influenced by: "The Eagles”, “The Police”, “Air Supply”, “Lionel Ritchie”, “Michael Jackson”, “Phil Collins”, “Dream Academy”, "Coldplay" and many others. Through it all, he finds his own style which is “Soft Rock”.

As a music production company that is interested in various styles of music, we are proud to introduce you to this artist, who's music is truly a "breath of fresh air".  Let yourself be seduced by his voice, his lyrics, the messages, his melodies and harmonies.

Please welcome: JUNO, with his new album  to come, titled: “Spiritually yours”.



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