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MICH2050 is a business founded in May 2003 by Michelet and Jude. This alliance climbs back up at the collaboration of an album marketed. Since then, the associates have joined forces to form this diversified patnership where creativity remains its angular rock. The 2 associates have a solid education and a strong background in their respective fields which enable them to become a prolific pair in the music business. MICH2050-RECORDS's main objective is to contribute to the relief of all music writers and composers and to allow them to be at the height of the requirements of the market.As a result, we are endowed ourselves with the best technical tools and a highly qualified team so that our artists attains (reaches) his / her goals. Furthermore, our professional team is young and dynamic devoted to bring the musical art to another level of perfection and has been working steadily for the success of the business.




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